I copied this one from face book, hope you enjoy it !!

I am walking into 2021 with a heavy heart and mind
I must believe that 2021 will hold better times and less death and destruction. I am praying to the universe that people will be kind to each other and the respect for human life is moved forward as patriotic and necessary.
If you owe me, don't worry about it. You're welcome.
If you wronged me, it's all good. A lesson learned.
If you're arguing with me, you won!
If we aren't speaking, it's cool. I love you, be safe and I still wish you well.
If you feel I wronged you, I apologize!
Life is TOO SHORT for all the pinned up anger, holding grudges, and "extra" UNNECESSARY DRAMA!!!
*Live life to the fullest cause you only get one!
*Smile more it increases your face value.
*Everyone is on their own journey
*Accept people for who and what they are: you will always have the option to stay or leave!
*If we leave some behind, if they're meant to be in our life, they'll catch back up with us when the time is right.
Live and let live.
Much Love ❤❤❤
God Bless 🙏🙏🙏
Here we come 2021
Feel Free To Spread the POSITIVITY!!!!!



                                                                     Did you know?

Josie Hamada has been recognized as Citizens of the Month of September !!

Josie has been very active in the Imperial Beach Community.   Don't forget to congratulate Josie 

when you have a chance !!  We are very proud of Josie Hamada !!


On July 16, 2020, local Charity Care House, South Coast Church and I-Que Smart BBQ , said

thank you to the officers at the Imperial Beach Sheriff's Substation by providing lunch and 

flowers and gift basket as raffle prize.  They wanted to recognize and say thank you to the 


In spite of the surgery on her hand, Penny Drozd, made over 200 masks !

She donated most of them to the Neighborhood Center.  A big Thank You to Penny 

for her hard work and her contribution to the community in the time of need !

***** The queen of the Masks, "Pennydid it again.  Someone from the Neighborhood Center, 

came by and picked 100 Military masks and 25 children ones!  What a great member of our 

club, so dedicated to helping all the time !!!  Thank you again and again Penny !!!

Also, did you know, that on April 14, 2020, three hundred bags of fresh produce were 

distributed to resident at the Neighborhood Center!  A big thanks to Nancy Dayton and 

Connie Criswell for volunteering in that event.

And let us not forget Josie Hamada, and Kay Selke who is working diligently on the 


Mayor's Task Force with the high risk sub group, Senior & Disable. High 5 Josie !!!

Kay  Selke is also working on the Meals on Wheels . A great Thank You to all our hard 

working volunteers !!