Just to let you know :

Some of you had the feeling that our club did not do anything during the pandemic, well, here is a list of some of the stuff that been going on and were done by some of our great members:  

Josie Hamada was part of the Mayor's Task Force in charge of connecting with the seniors from the Senior Club, assisted living places & St James Plaza and continue with St. James Plaza. 

Joanne Norden connects with the Senior Club.

Josie Hamada , Kay Selke & Joyce Ward donated puzzles & number word booklets to the St. James Plaza residents they have 150.

Penny Drozd, did hundreds of masks which were donated to the Neighborhood center and some of the club members and others. 

Kay Selke, Connie Criswell & Marirose Fernandez continued with delivering Meals on Wheels & still do.

Josie Hamada helped with the Census 2020 by calling the seniors, St. James Plaza residents & Spanish speaking community.

Josie Hamada, with the IB Collaborative collected & donate chalk to give to children to use to place kind words on their own sidewalk.

Josie Hamada was & continues to be part of the IB Collaborative to give food to the needy.

Connie Criswell, Kay Selke & Josie Hamada were part of the food committee to give food for the various food distribution. 

Amal Tanious,  Joanna Huntsberger and Rose Reynolds continued with the craft projects and sold lots of items on Face Book.  This created some interest to join our club when we are back to normal meetings.  

Amal Tanious, updated members via e mails with some of the activities going on during the pandemic. I.E. blood drive, food donations and so on.   She also continued sending birthdays cards to all members and Christmas cards during the holidays.

Josie Hamada attended the IB Collaborative representing the IBWC monthly & community member for the San Diego County Food Vision 2030 that included Imperial Beach City, Sun Coast Cooperative, Dr. Ramon Hernandez UCDS & Gleaming Co-Karen Clay.

Also, Rose Reynolds and some other members, donated money and food to the IB Neighborhood Center during the pandemic & still does.

In addition, Marirose Fernandez, shopped for Christmas, and donated $250 to IBAC.  IBAC distributed money and gifts to 12+ families during the holidays!

I am sure there are many other members did some other deeds that we are not aware of.

Hope you find the above in order and if you like to let me know of something that needs to be added to this list, please e mail me or give me a call.

A big thanks to all of you and may God Bless your helping hands !!

Stay safe, healthy and happy !!!